Real Estate Emergencies

Would you call a taxi for an emergency trip to the hospital, or would you call an ambulance? Imagine that you’re at home alone and you have chest pains. Is it a heart attack? It’s getting bad and you need to get to an emergency room immediately. If you can’t drive, the standard procedure would…

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Selling Before, During or After a Divorce

As I’m writing this post, I’m sitting in court.  Don’t worry, I’m not in trouble.  My clients are here for their divorce proceedings.  The husband is on board with us and ready to sell the house.  The wife has been unresponsive so far.  I’m hoping to talk to her during a break in the hearing. …

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Should I Hire a Lawyer?

Lawyers can help you with a lot of problems, but fixing your mortgage is not one of them. Mortgage problems can be solved in three different ways: Pay off your delinquent payments. Get a modification agreement from your bank. Sell your home. I meet a lot of homeowners with mortgage problems.  Many of them tell…

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