• q-iconAre You Facing Foreclosure?

    When facing foreclosure, Act Fast! The closer that you get to the Foreclosure Date, the less options you have! CALL NOW for a FREE Consultation on how we can save your home from foreclosure, and save your credit. There is no obligation. We will put cash in your pocket, and you will be able to move on your terms, and we give you up to 90 days to move. We have helped homeowners from across the country stop foreclosure proceedings. We are the experts you are looking for. Call Now!

  • q-iconDo You Need to Settle An Estate? Death of Loved One?

    The death of a loved one is tragic enough without dealing with the estate. It can almost be unbearable. People work through piles of paper to determine how to handle the legalities. We present a cash offer to you in One Day, and will close on whatever timeline is acceptable to you. There are never any repairs, and you can leave the home in it’s current condition, including full of debris. Call today, get a cash offer tomorrow!

  • q-iconDoes Your House Needs Repairs?

    If your house is in need of extensive repairs before selling, then we are the best option to avoid any costly repairs, and put cash in your pocket tomorrow. We purchase homes in ‘as-is’ condition, and you never have to remove trash or debris – there are no costs or fees for anything, and you can receive cash immediately. Many times homeowners think that they need to repair and clean their home before selling it, which can cost thousands of dollars, but with us, you pay nothing – Call Now!

  • q-iconIs Your Home Sitting Vacant - Are You Making Double Payments?

    One frustrating aspect of moving is that you could be paying 2 mortgages, while you’ve moved out of your old home and into a new one. Don’t lose your hard earned money by making payments on a vacant home! Let us take this hardship off of your back, and get you cash immediately. There is never an obligation with our cash offers, and we close in 1 day!

  • q-iconLiens, Judgments, Taxes, and other Title Issues?

    We buy homes immediately, and solve these problems after you have received your cash. Don’t let financial problems get in the way of selling your home. We deal with creditors and the IRS on a daily basis, and not only purchase your home, but can solve credit issues as well. Call now, and we can solve these problems for you quickly!

  • q-iconLow Equity? No Equity? Short Sale?

    A “low equity” situation is most commonly encountered when an owner owes about the same or more on their mortgage than their home is worth. In almost all cases, attempts at “for sale by owner” fail. We purchase homes with little equity and often are able to return much of that hard earned equity to the homeowner. If your home is underwater on the loan, then we negotiate with your lender (the bank), and get you at least $5,000 to help with move-out expenses, and this process will buy you 90+ days with no payments. We never purchase homes where the homeowner does not put money in their pocket, and can get you paid in 1 day, even if there is no equity in your property. Call today!

  • q-iconNeed to Relocate?

    If you’re getting a new job or a reassignment, and need to move out of the area, we can help! A new job usually means that a celebration is in order, however, it can also a be very stressful time if you have the burden of selling your home before you can move. The last thing you want is to be stuck with double payments. We can have an all cash offer to you tomorrow, and there is never any obligation to sell, but it at least provides an option to get you moved fast, and with no cost – leave your home in as-is condition and move to your new location!

  • q-iconReal Estate Agent is Not Reliable or Lazy?

    Real Estate Agents only want one thing, a Commission! If you are taking the time to read this then you may have been burned by a not-so-honest real estate agent who told you one thing, and never produced a sale at the price that was promised. We will have a Cash Offer to you Today, and also provide you with the ability to pay No Commission to any Real Estate Agent, even if you signed a previous Listing Agreement, you are not bound to pay the agent, because we are coming directly to you and not the agent – save yourself 6% or more in fees, and get your home Sold Today!

  • q-iconSelling the House because of a Divorce?

    Divorce is tedious enough without the selling of a house as an additional complication. We handle divorce situations and we can help you get on with your life. We always listen to your needs, and have structured home sales that not only benefit the parties involved monetarily, but also allow for other circumstances to be completed as part of the sale. If you need additional time, or payments made to other people, we can take care of everything – Call Today!